Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I intended to post last night, but for some reason I seem to lose all of my energy on Monday nights. I'm fine during the day, but after kicking my own butt in the gym last night I was exhausted by 10PM. Now, I try to kick my own butt at the gym every time I go, but for some reason every Monday night when I leave the gym I suddenly feel especially tired. Like, "oh my god if I don't power-walk back to my dorm right now I'm going to fall over and sleep right here on the Quad." It's really strange, particularly since I never feel this way during the rest of the week. Maybe I should try amping up my exercise on Sundays? That's my "day off" (although I walk as much as possible), and I thought it would boost my energy for Monday but as of now that seems to be having the opposite effect. I really wish I could work out in the morning, but due to my work/class schedule for this semester and the upcoming spring semester I just don't see that happening any time soon. Grrr.

Oh, and I also experimented with eating after my workout last night--not much, just a green apple and a nutri-grain bar, and still under my daily calorie allowance--and I felt loads better! Normally I don't eat after I work out, and by 11PM-1AM when I'm trying to go to sleep I feel like my stomach is a giant, empty abyss.

I'm going to try and post again tonight after I get back from the gym since hopefully I'll be a bit more peppy (as compared to last night, hehe). To all my new followers; thank you so much for your interest/support! I was so excited to log on yesterday afternoon and see all of you that I almost squeaked out-loud at work. I can only hope that I'll be as helpful and supportive to all of you as you already are to me. :)


  1. Happy to be here! :-)

    I always eat after my workout! Its a very healthy habit to get into, I think

  2. :)))) Its amazing you are working out this much! i need to step up my game! and as far as losing 20 pounds by your 20th birthday goes, YOU CAN SO DO IT!!

  3. @ Chai: I'm slowly learning that I feel so much better when I eat after coming back from the gym. Out of curiosity, what kinds of foods do you eat when you're finished working out?

    @ Kelly: Thanks so much for the motivation! I'm actually only able to go to the gym every day because I look at it as "listening to music time" and not "exercising/kicking my own ass/sweat dripping down my face/etc etc" time. It helps. :)