Friday, January 8, 2010

Ok, let's do this.

I never thought the day would come when I started my own weight loss blog, but here I am. It's the beginning of 2010 and I figured I might as well add something new to my typical weight loss regime, and this I have yet to try. I'm crossing my fingers because I *really* want this to work out for me. I've been reading weight loss blogs for going on two years now, and they are by far the best inspiration I can find.

Something about myself before I really delve into this;
I am 19 years old (20 in March!) and have been struggling with my weight for what feels like a decade. Granted, I'm always on the lower end of the overweight margin on BMI charts, but I've always been bothered by being on the 'heavy side' and worried that it would only get worse as I get older. It is getting harder and harder to eat better and exercise properly in college, and I need to make myself accountable for my choices and my weight. I need to kick this in the butt, and I need to do it NOW before it only gets harder! (And I have much further to go...)

Throughout my life I have hardcore-dieted and gotten to my target weight fairly quickly only to fail spectacularly at maintenance and go right back to my original weight... and sometimes even more. That being said, I honestly couldn't tell you how much I weigh today. At 5 feet 8 inches tall I've fluctuated between 150-190 pounds my entire life, and lately I've been feeling like I'm pretty damn near the top of that scale, if not beyond it.

So, starting today (well, actually starting December 31st, 2009), I have made a promise with myself that I am going to do better.

And with this blog as my accountability partner, I'm going to.

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  1. WELCOME to the blogosphere :-)
    There is so SO much inspiration and knowledge amongst the weight-loss bloggers here.. its awesome :-)

    Anyway, good luck!!! :-)